Strategic Talent Data & Insights in Practice


Katherine Gibbard, Behavioural Scientist – SuccessFinder
Roh Jaswal, Director, Business Development – SuccessFinder
Guided by the employee journey, this webinar will share best business practices on how to leverage your talents’ behavioral data; inspired by our own story at SuccessFinder and those of our clients. From recruitment to onboarding, leadership development, and team alignment, real-world examples will help you propel the use of your people data and cement the strategic impact of the HR team.In this presentation, you will:

  • Understand where and how to leverage behavioral data throughout the employee journey
  • Hear examples of specific moments in the employee journey where talent data and relevant insights have helped drive HR strategy and bolster the employee experience
  • Find out how you can reuse and maximize the data and insights you have at those different key moments in the employee journey, to provide a gold-standard employee experience and maximize engagement
Who should attend:

  • HR Directors and executives, HR specialists, Talent & Culture HR professionals (all levels), Leadership & Development HR professionals (all levels), Talent Acquisition professionals.
  • HR professionals involved in HR strategy, organizational transformation, recruitment and talent development, will benefit from this presentation.
Format: Live Online – Zoom Webinar

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Registration Fees

Registration Deadline:
OCTOBER 2, 2022