Validation of Experience

The CPHR Validation of Experience (VOE) Assessment is the final formal step in earning one’s CPHR designation. Obtaining the CPHR designation demonstrates an HR professional has the knowledge and skills required to practice HR competently and ethically.

Depending on which CPHR Designation Pathway is being pursued, the CPHR candidate must demonstrate the required number of years of professional experience in human resources, which must have been obtained within the last ten or fifteen years. This is a formal step required in obtaining the CPHR designation for each pathway, as indicated. HR practitioners can work toward the Experience Requirement in any sector of the economy: industry, government, public practice, professional associations, education, healthcare, or not-for-profits — essentially anywhere that has a human resources management function.

Experience has always been an integral component in achieving the CPHR designation. The requirements to pass the VOE are:

    • 3 or 8 years of work experience with the majority, 51% or more, being work in HR at the Applied HR and Foundational HR levels. Experience must be obtained within the past 10 or 15 years from the VOE submission deadline. The number of years required is based on the level of education as listed below:

    • Applicants must demonstrate that their experience is at the Applied HR level in a minimum of 12 of the 44 functional competencies in the Knowledge Areas
    • Demonstrate proficiency in a minimum of 3 of the 5 Enabling Competencies outlined in the CPHR Competency Framework.

Applied vs Foundational Experience
Applied HR Experience refers to work that will involve thinking at the strategic level, delivery may be operational and work is done autonomously with a range of stakeholders.

Foundational HR Experience refers to HR work at an administrative or transactional level. It may include HR tasks that are routine in nature, lower in complexity and/or autonomy and executed with direction that is clearly defined.

The nine HR Functional Knowledge areas are as follows:

1. Strategy

2. Professional Practice

3. Engagement

4. Workforce Planning and Talent Management

5. Labour and Employment Relations

6. Total Rewards

7. Learning and Development

8. Health, Wellness, and Safe Workplace

9. Human Resources Metrics, Reporting, and Financial Management

For a complete description of the competencies within each HR Functional Knowledge area, please refer to the CPHR Canada Competency Framework.

Validation of Experience (VOE) applications are only assessed during a submission period, which are normally held twice a year.



How to apply to meet the experience requirement:

  1. Candidate Member – Applicants must be a CPHR Candidate currently in good standing with CPHR PEI. If the NKE is required as part of the pathway selected, the candidate must have passed the NKE within 10 years with no lapse in dues/membership.  For individuals who passed the NKE elsewhere, CPHR PEI must be provided with a record of your Candidate status.
  2. Confirmed Bachelor’s Degree – An official transcript must be sent to us, received directly from your educational institution, to confirm that you have met the Degree Requirement if applicable for the pathway.  If you have not already had a transcript sent to us by the educational institution, you must ensure the transcript is received by us by the indicated date within the submission period within which you are applying.
  3. Complete Application Form – Complete all aspects of the application form in Word. When completing the application form, refer to the VOE Handbook for instructions on what to include in each section of the form.  Your information must fit within the space provided.  Once complete, print the entire application form and sign both areas of the Member Declaration Page.
  4. Employer Verification – Provide a full copy of your application to your current official supervisor and have them attest to the Employer Verification as it pertains to your current experience with their organization/company.
  5. Submit Complete Application – send the originally signed application form, a copy of your current resume (in chronological format only with a brief description of each HR position including start and end dates), official job description(s) for all HR positions contributing to the experience being assessed, and the two cheques (or intent to pay by credit card) for payment.  The original package must be received by us within the stated submission period.

Note: Keep a Copy – Photocopy all pages of your application, including the Member Declaration and Employer Verification, for your own records.

Combined Roles Included in Your Application?  If any of the positions you are claiming are combined roles and not exclusively HR positions, or if part of a position is at the HR professional level and part at the HR administrative level, you must also handwrite on the job description the percentage of time allocated to each responsibility (not just overall categories but each responsibility noted on the job description).  Do not retype the job description, simply note it clearly beside each responsibility.  This is required at time of submission for any applicants with combined roles.

Fees:  $500 plus HST total

  • $200 plus HST payable by cheque or credit card with application ($230.00, non-refundable)
  • $300 plus HST payable by cheque or credit card and submitted with application ($345.00, only cashed by us if outcome of application is successful)
  • Receipts will be provided with the outcome letters.

Note:  Prices are subject to change for future submission periods.

2022 Submission Periods: There are two submission periods planned for 2022.

1. April 1-30, 2022

2. September 1-30, 2022

Send your completed application, along with cheques or intent to pay by credit card, to:

Chartered Professionals in Human Resources PEI
101 Kent Street
PO Box 2151
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
C1A 8B9


Results are normally communicated to applicants within six to eight weeks of the submission deadline, unless additional information is required from the applicant which will result in a longer assessment period.

Unsuccessful candidates will be notified of gaps in their experience assessment and options available to them within four to six weeks of the dates in the table above.  There is no limit to the number of times an individual may apply.

Receipt of Application

After the submission period closes, a confirmation of receipt email will be sent to the applicants.


Inquiries on the status of applications cannot be processed.  Once the outcome of the application is known, communication is sent to the member.  Updates will not be provided on the status in the interim stages of the process as the applications are reviewed by a committee of senior HR professionals that hold the CPHR who are volunteering their time.


Appeals must be received by us within 30 days of the date of the outcome letter.