Strategic Plan

Our Vision

CPHR PEI’s Vision is the expression of how the organization is to be seen by association members, prospective members, businesses, and the community. This Vision is not under CPHR PEI’s direct control as many factors affect how we are perceived in our communities.

CPHR PEI seeks to be recognized as the leading voice for human resources excellence on Prince Edward Island.

Our Mission

CPHR PEI has a critical role to play – a role that is unique and can be achieved as the Board, other volunteers, and administrative supports work together. This role is reflected in the organization’s Mission.

To represent, promote, and advance the human resources profession on Prince Edward Island through collaborative learning, networking, and partnerships with key stakeholders.

Our Values

To accomplish the Mission, volunteers and administrative supports need to understand the shared Values that they can expect to live as they work together. These Values guide work and decisions through governance, strategic planning, member services, and engaging with other stakeholders.

Values create boundaries and accountabilities that apply to all the work for CPHR PEI.

In all we do, we will be:

  • Accountable
  • Professional
  • Inclusive
  • Ethical
  • Competent