Mastering Modern Recruitment: How to Apply Best Practices to Find Talent (Certificate)

May 17th 2023 to June 28th, 2023
self-directed + live sessions; Online
With flexibility in mind, the 6-week hybrid training and coaching offering can fit perfectly for those with a busy schedule (self-directed + live sessions). Led by an award-winning Chartered Professional in HR you’ll gain the skills to transform your internal recruitment efforts.

This course is a blend of self-directed sessions, applied learning activities, group discussion, and live weekly check-ins.

Event details:



  • Assessing your current practices and identify gaps
  • Address components of the pre-hiring phase
  • Learn how to stand out by leveraging your employer brand
  • Enhancing the overall candidate experience
  • Differentiating the 3-B options to fill your hiring needs
  • Artificial intelligence (including ChatGPT) and the recruiting process
  • Inclusive hiring practices
  • Drafting job descriptions using a structured approach
  • Reviewing compensation and benefits packages
  • Establishing a recruiting budget
  • 14 Recruiting models with their advantages and disadvantages
  • Modernizing application processes and candidate notifications
  • How to conduct targeted vs broad candidate searches
  • Choosing interview formats for screening candidates
  • Pre-screening candidates
  • Common interviewing issues and mistakes
  • Unconscious bias and breaking away from the status quo
  • Assessment tools and reference checking
  • Navigating the offer phase
  • Identifying necessary training and orientation packages
  • Onboarding processes for new employees
  • Comprehensive list of strategies for all budgets and companies of all sizes


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