Managing Vaccine Preventable Diseases in the Workplace

Presenter: Ajit Johal – Clinical Director, Health Association
Over the past one hundred years vaccinations have been lauded as one of the greatest interventions in public health. This is apparent more than ever today with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the entire world. Unfortunately, most adults are not up to date on the recommended immunizations. Immunization “gaps” can put the employee, their co-workers, and their families at risk for vaccine preventable diseases. Attend this informative session on vaccinations to see which vaccines you should be considering, talking to your healthcare provider about, and providing as a workplace health benefit to protect your employees.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • Appreciate the History of Vaccinations and their impact on public health
  • Describe the phenomenon of Vaccine Hesitancy and it’s three domains
  • Discuss immunization “gaps” that put the individual and others at risk of vaccine preventable disease.
  • Evaluate the role of Employers in creating a healthy workplace with vaccination access
Who should attend:
HR staff, Workplace Health and Wellness coordinators, Health and Safety Staff, Workplace Health Benefits Providers
Format: Live Online – Zoom Webinar

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