FREE webinar: Litigation-Proof and Libel-Free Layoffs

Bettina Xue Griffin – Senior Legal Research Associate, Blue J
Market volatility, supply chain disruptions, and general economic instability cause employers to react by adjusting the size of their organizations. The recent layoffs in tech are just one example of this. It has recently become increasingly complex for employers to navigate layoffs in a way that is ethical, considerate of employees, and reduces the risk for the employers. How can layoffs be conducted in a way that reduces the risk of litigation or libel? What are factors often overlooked that place organizations in hot water – whether in the courts or the media? This webinar examines the difficult question in the content of any layoff (whether it is an individual, a small team, entire departments, or hundreds of employees across an organization) by teaching the fundamentals of reasonable notice and analyzing recent arbitration and court decisions on similar issues. Expect practical takeaways, like how leveraging technology helps practitioners answer these difficult issues.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • The types of actions that can be taken by employers
  • Real-world examples of layoffs and the issues that arose for organizations
  • Practical insights on what the courts and arbitrators say about this issue
  • How practitioners can leverage technology to gain insights into this complex issue
Who should attend:

  • HR professionals
  • Lawyers and legal experts in the areas of labour and employment.
This webinar is complimentary to all CPHR PEI members. Please use the discount code:PDWEB-PEI22.
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Registration Deadline:
JULY 3, 2022