CPHR Ethics Course: Professionals in Grey Areas – How to Make Ethical Decisions


All Chartered members are required to complete an ethics training course every three years. CPHR Canada partnered with Neovox Media to create an ethics course called Professionals in Grey Areas – How to Make Ethical Decisions The free training will take approximately three hours to complete. You will be able to complete the training over multiple sittings as the database will save your progress.

For more information on the requirement, visit our FAQ page.

This course was developed to help you familiarize yourself with the essential concepts of ethics. More specifically, to:

  • Raise your awareness to its importance
  • Empower you to detect ethical issues
  • Introduce you to the ethical analysis of situations


Register below to receive the link to the Professionals in Grey Areas – How to Make Ethical Decisions. 


To log in to the Ethics Course, you will need your CPHR ID and use the email address we have on file for you.

Not sure where to find your CPHR ID? Log in to your profile and select ‘Profile Home’

If you need assistance with either of these, please contact admin@cphrpei.ca.