CPHR Atlantic Webinar: How to Hire Diverse: 3 Ways to Create a Well-Represented Candidate Pool

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Session Topic

The presentation will outline the business benefits of hiring diverse employees and explore the pitfalls when it comes to diversity in recruitment. We’ll dispel the big diversity recruitment myth that employers should focus on hiring candidates from a specific background and culture. We’ll discuss how a well-represented candidate pool and the elimination of interview team bias will lead to the selection of the most competitive candidate.

About the Facilitator

Shauna Cole CPHR, MBA, BA

Shauna Cole is a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, and Founder of the HireDiverse.ca job board. She has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources.

Shauna is an Instructor in the MBA Program at the University of New Brunswick, CBC Career Expert Columnist and Entrepreneur. She is an avid content creator with regular contributions to LinkedIn and YouTube where she explores diversity and inclusion from the perspective of the employer and job seeker. She also creates content on the topics of leadership and personal development.

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