CPHR Atlantic Presents: HR Safe Space

(CPHR Atlantic Presents: HR Safe Space is a series of events that members can take one or more as their schedule permits)

As HR professionals, we experience a unique set of challenges in our careers that are best understood by our peers. We are so focused on supporting others that we often don’t get to take care of ourselves! This can lead to feelings of compassion fatigue, frustration and burnout.

Enter HR Safe Space. A place to come together with peers from all across Atlantic Canada to build connections and foster resilience through sharing common challenges and strategies to overcome them. A place to breathe, a place to “turn off” when you otherwise need to be “on” all day.

Drop in for the sessions that resonate most with you, or come to every single session. The format is lightly structured and is intended to be here as and when you feel you need it. So take some time out for you, just for you, and know that there is always a safe space to land when you need it.

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About the Facilitator


Julie Turney is a heart centric people experience architect with over 16 years of experience in the HR profession.

She is the brainchild of HR@Heart Consulting Inc., a coaching firm she describes as the “HR Safe Space.” Julie created her firm as part of her healing process through her second bout of HR burnout.

Today, Julie supports fellow HR professionals from around the globe who are struggling with burnout, compassion fatigue and frustration in their HR careers to get back on track and regain the lost joy in their HR careers.

Julie is also a TEDx & Public Speaker, Author of the book “Confessions of an HR Pro: Stories of Defeat and Triumph”, Host of the HR Sound Off Podcast Show, and Lead Organizer of Disrupt HR Caribbean for Barbados, Jamaica & Trinidad.

Julie is on a mission to raise awareness around poor mental health in HR while demystifying the many misconceptions people have about our beloved profession and the people in it.



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Date  Topic
 Feb 9, 2023 Dealing with difficult managers 
 Apr 20, 2023 When HR gets the blame
 Jun 15, 2023 General HR burnout
 Aug 17, 2023 When the job you applied for isn’t the job you want
 Oct 5, 2023 Mental Illness Awareness Week special virtual keynote
 Dec 14, 2023 When HR doesn’t feel heard